Recommendations for knitting tips and tricks

I thought I'd use this space to introduce you to some of the places I go whenever I need to look up a technique or knitting trick for myself.

For YouTube tutorials, whenever I search on a topic, if VeryPink Knits has a tutorial on that topic, I always watch her videos first. 

Barbara Benson is a knitwear designer, and her YouTube channel has a lot of great videos covering a wide range of knitting topics. (And if all goes well with the vaccine and the virus, Barbara will be coming to the DFW area in the fall to teach a workshop for the Arlington Handknitters Guild.)

Patty Lyons is amazing. I've been fortunate enough to be able to take classes from her in person a couple of times, and I've taken some of her online classes (both pre-recorded and live). She has videos on YouTube and posts lots of tips and tricks on her Instagram account. The thing I like best about Patty is that she explains the why of what she's doing, which is really helpful. And I've recently started using her one-step SSK method, which is both fast and good-looking.

For those of you in the DFW area, you are probably familiar with Alissa Barton, aka the Knitting Fairy  (YouTube channel). But Alissa has been teaching in more locations across the country (and on cruise ships!) in the past few years (you know, before traveling became an issue). And she has a Patreon set up with videos and other great content that you should check out.

Modern Daily Knitting puts out a lot of great content. Patty Lyons is a regular contributor, with her Ask Patty series. Kate Atherley (another great knitting teacher) also posts articles on this site, as does Jillian Moreno (who I usually think about more with spinning, but she's got fabulous yarn advice as well).

I hope you'll check out these links, especially if there are some you aren't familiar with yet. There's so much knitting and yarn knowledge out there!

Crocheters, I don't want to leave you out! I think Connie Lynch is absolutely fabulous, and she made me feel like I actually could crochet after many years of feeling like I couldn't do it. Her patterns are awesome, and she also has classes available on Skillshare.